Become a Champion

You can get involved as little or as much as you like to ‘champion’ this great cause. It all helps!

You’re welcome to post about Behind The Mask on social media to raise awareness and promote the training. You could add to your website, blog or vlog about Behind The Mask. You could contact colleagues to encourage them to get involved. This could be done by visits, calls, emails or through your social media channels. You could approach your local media such as community magazines, newspapers, radio stations or your local TV news providers. It’s whatever you feel comfortable doing, and we have materials that can help!

As a Champion you will be provided with a:

  • Press release template that you can personalise
  • E-Flyer to spread awareness for Behind The Mask
  • Behind The Mask E-Badge to use on social media e.g. Facebook and Instagram
  • Champion Support Book that includes the answers to frequently asked questions
  • A Champions Certificate

If you’d like to become a champion, please use this link to take the training and claim your certificate.